Reasons To Use a Face Powder With Flour

Nowadays, there are a lot of makeup products available in the market in order to offer a stunning look for the skin. However, some makeup products are loaded with some chemicals and that may cause allergic reactions to the skin and health problems when you use this on a regular basis. The people used to Read More

Is a French Manicure still popular in 2020?

Celebrities killed the French Manicure and bring it back into modern times. In the early ’90s, there were more trends sought for beauty and luxurious for French Manicure. Though, all Hollywood stars make a trend in nail art that looks sported by all the youngsters in that era. Anyone can see Hollywood celebrities on the Read More

Beauty and Bloke: Why men wore make-up?

The skin care, beauty products, and cosmetics markets have long been dominated by women. In recent days, men are increasingly joining in too. Slowly the beauty industry also moves in much more inclusive direction both in terms of racial and gender diversity. Beauty Tip for men In older generations, men taught growing up don’t need Read More

adds bounce to hair

Shampoo for that diva curls or waves

The hunt for the perfect shampoo has always been round the clock among girls, for their hair demands. The hair goals are hundred and the shampoos for it are thousand. Transformation with shampoo into curly hair occurs when one has natural curls and waves. Shampoos can transform the nature of any hair, the bushy curls, Read More

lip liner and eyeliner

Is your lip liner the alternative as eyeliner?

Using one makeup product as a proxy for another is widely prevailing nowadays. Use the eye shadow palette as a blush, highlights or contour, lip color as a blush and much more. But the real question is. Is it safe to use a product particularly designed for a part on another part? The composition and Read More

face powder

Apply blush over face powder

Makeup is the word that brings automatic enthusiasm in every girl’s face. There are 99% of girls like to wear makeup. Normally, we go with the makeup according to the functions, but whatever the makeup would be blush is the final touch. Makeup without blush is like a body without a soul. Blush – a Read More

Hand Lotion for the dry skin

The most common cosmetic which is useful for both men and women, yes it is lotion. Lotions are many types; they are body lotions, face lotions, hand lotions, and so on. No matter where you travel, make sure to carry hand lotion with you to keep your skin well moisturized all the time. Hand Lotion Read More

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