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Bright Color Lipsticks

Should I Wear Bright Red Lipstick For Thin Lips?

Today, most people used to wear makeup products regularly in order to avail amazing look. Not only for parties and celebrations but some wear this when they go for colleges and offices. Even though the makeup products can be used for both men and women but women are using all kinds of makeup products effectively Read More

Matte Finishing Lips

Can I Use a Lip Liner As a Lipstick? 

Lip pencil plays a significant role in the makeup products. The lip pencil is not only used as an outliner of the lips but also can be used as prolong hold, prevent leaks, and increase the volume of the lips and etc. Have you tried the lip liner as lipstick before? If not, just try Read More

lip liner and eyeliner

Is your lip liner the alternative as eyeliner?

Using one makeup product as a proxy for another is widely prevailing nowadays. Use the eye shadow palette as a blush, highlights or contour, lip color as a blush and much more. But the real question is. Is it safe to use a product particularly designed for a part on another part? The composition and Read More